Why The 9-5 Job Isn’t As Safe As You Think

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Why The 9-5 Job Isn’t As Safe As You Think

Since I started working for myself last year, I’ve had a lot of conversations about what I do with people who just don’t get it.

During these conversations some of the most common concerns of others are that it’s “too risky” or “what if it fails” or “what if you lose all your money”.

It occurred to me why most people haven’t ventured into the world of entrepreneurship to be their own boss.

They are tied to the notion that their job is the safe and secure option and that a business is too risky.

That same “safe” option that keeps people’s goals and dreams at bay and doesn’t allow side projects to realise their full potential.

So whether you’ve had these thoughts doesn’t matter but it’s important now for you to consider the following 3 reasons why your 9-5 isn’t as safe as you may believe.

1. You’re already taking risks

Yes being your own boss is risky and there are no guarantees. But being in a full time job is certainly no safe haven. Your basically putting your job, your income and your future in someone else’s hands. We can’t control circumstances like the economy or how a company is performing – and these things can easily be taken away from you when external factors come into play.

2. Make time to build something meaningful

Have you ever felt like there is something better out there for you? That you were meant to do so much more than just working 9 to 5 in an office every day? That you could have a greater impact on the world? Many people do, but they don’t up doing anything about it. Why? Because they say “I don’t have enough time”.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day. CEOs, millionaires and successful people don’t get extra time. They just know how to prioritise their work. It is about working smarter, not harder. Everyone can find an extra hour or two every week, even if it means losing some sleep – it’s worth it in the end.

3. Start investing in yourself

Is it more risky to invest in yourself or not to invest in yourself?

Once you find the time each week you can spend time learning, and gaining the skills and knowledge to work towards building your dreams. The potential upside outweighs any downside with the possibility of not spending 8 hours every day in a job you don’t like. Imagine waking up every day to a life of freedom and flexibility.

Remember that the best invest you can make is in yourself.

Figure out how you want to spend the rest of your life. Visualise what each perfect day will look like and do whatever it takes to get there.  If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.

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