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Pay Attention To The Reverse Gap

Most mornings I wake up in a great mood, happy and looking forward to starting the day.

But today I woke up in a bad mood. I didn’t sleep well so I’m feeling tired, I have a lot of work to do and I haven’t achieved most things that I set out to this week. So I spent the first hour of this morning feeling sorry for myself.

I knew I had to snap out of it so I went into the garden to enjoy the fresh air, nature and the morning sunshine. I love being outside and it always puts me in a reflective mood when I just sit and look around.

It got me thinking about the week I have had so far, what I had done, what I had learnt and the people I have spent time with. Although I may not have got everything done on my to do list, really I had barely done anything, I realised that it just doesn’t matter.

What’s more important, checking off things on your list or truly living life?

This week I have been going to bed late as I’ve been spending time with friends and waking up feeling tired but I got back into my exercise routine – which makes me feel good. This week I haven’t accomplished all my work goals but I have learnt a lot so I’ve still taken a step forward.

In a few months time when I think back to the month of August or even specifically this week, what will I remember? I’m not going to think “oh I wish I got more sleep that week” or “I wish I worked more”.

You might be thinking what is the point in this story and I just want to share these two things that I have realised.

1. Live Life to The Fullest Every Single Day

This is something I hear people say all the time, but how many people actually do this? Society has programmed us to thinking we have to slog away working for 40 years (or longer) until we retire AND THEN we will have time to do what we want and enjoy life.

But this should not be the way. Tomorrow is never guaranteed so make sure you love every single day.

Stay up an hour later to spend time with friends and family, have that chocolate bar if you feel like it and most importantly, surround yourself with people that you actually want to spend time with. If you’re not enjoying your job, then do something to change it; if there is a friend that is bringing you down, then let them go. This is your life, so only do things that make you feel good.

2. Remember That You’re Always Moving Forward

It is so easy to focus on your big goals or checking those tasks of the to do list that we forget to celebrate how far we have already come. You may not be where you want to be yet, but take a look to a few months or years back and look at how far you have come. If you constantly focus on the end goal you’ll never feel fulfilled as you’ll keep setting a bigger goal to reach and never be satisfied.

Focus on the journey and enjoy it, not just the destination.

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