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1 Learn How To Market & Sell Products Online.
I work with Six Figure Mentors (SFM) to help people learn online marketing and become digital entrepreneurs. As a member of Six Figure Mentors, you will gain access to a huge number of training resources in sales, marketing and personal development. If you don’t have any of your own products, you can learn to market SFM’s products and services. *Individual results will vary. No results are guaranteed – please read the disclaimer.

2 Earn While You Learn.
SFM gives you access to a proven business system where you can immediately start to earn commissions on their products and services without having to do the selling. The SFM training modules teach you how to market all kinds of products and you're able to put your new knowledge into practice straight away. SFM contact your potential customers for you, sell to those who are qualified, and then pay you a commission for that sale.


BrightSparks Marketing teach and coach you on how to become a digital entrepreneur by leveraging technology and working smarter. To help ambitious, like-minded people on their journey to success through digital marketing training and professional coaching. To open their minds to the reality of living the digital life with their own online business.

Meet The Founder

Steph Morris is a digital entrepreneur with a background in marketing and web development. Steph moved to Australia in 2013 where she worked in various marketing roles in Sydney before moving to Perth. Once in Perth, Steph decided to start freelancing to try and gain back control over her schedule. Now that she’s had a taste of working from home and the flexibility that it offers, she has no intention of ever going back to a 9 to 5 office job.

Since then Steph joined the Six Figure Mentors and has been helping others pursue their dreams of running an online business. Passionate about all things digital, Steph loves helping others gain the freedom and flexibility that she is enjoying.

Steph Morris

Founder of BrightSparks Marketing

Business Model

I’m a Digital Marketer who works alongside companies that I know and trust, who offer software and online training courses that provide high value, enabling you to build your digital knowledge, productivity and success. This website earns commissions from selling products and services from these companies.

I only recommend companies that I use myself and whose values are in line with my own. If you decide to follow the training and use the tools provided you will learn how to market any product or service online, personal development and soon become a digital marketer*. These are all invaluable skills that can be transferred to any online business. My aim is to teach others how to become an online entrepreneur, whether you decide to sell your own products or become an affiliate marketer and sell other people’s products.


  • Connector.


    I am at my best when I am grateful and I take nothing for granted.

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    I am at my best when I take pride in my work and try my best in everything I do. I give 100% to everything I commit to.

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    Having a positive, can-do attitude ensures I never give up when faced with hardship.

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    I am constantly learning & looking to learn something new from everyone I meet and pass on my knowledge to others.

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    I am at my best when I maintain a healthy, balanced and stress-free lifestyle.

  • Connector.


    I am at my best when I am authentic and transparent in my communication and intentions. I always seek to do the “right thing”

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*No results are guaranteed, individual results will vary dependant on hard work, effort, the time you put in and your ability to follow instructions, with the help of our training and business systems. Where there are testimonials on this page where myself or other people have created results using our products and services, you cannot assume or rely on the fact that you will get the same results as other people. There are those who will not earn anything with our products and services. As an entrepreneur, you must fully understand that the income you produce is completely down to you and you will take full responsibility for your business.